It’s strictly a high volume, offline deal, which generally restricts it to enterprise use only. The tapes themselves are cheap, but the tape drives to access them are extremely expensive, and their lack of random access means they only make sense if you’re accessing large sequential chunks of data, or if you need… » 4/25/15 12:34am Yesterday 12:34am

There’s the old stereotype of the “good christian family” having tons of kids. A religion that put such hindrances to reproduction would have trouble sustaining membership (see Shakers). Heterosexuality and resistance to birth control is a learned survival mechanism. Breed for God! » 4/24/15 1:00am Friday 1:00am

I was in a hailstorm about two years ago. The storm was traveling transverse to the highway, and you could see the edge of the hail not a quarter mile south. Still, a couple jackasses left me and thousands of my fellow rush hour drivers in the hail for ten minutes, rather than retreating southward to safety.
» 4/23/15 10:50pm Thursday 10:50pm

The grid provides reliable (usually) three-phase high voltage product. You provide unreliable single phase low voltage product. The unreliability is shared among all your nearest neighbors, so when your production is low, so is theirs. It’s hard to predict, so it’s hard to compensate for with reserve power that must… » 4/23/15 8:48am Thursday 8:48am

No. Ruckus wireless is just traditional adaptive beamforming. You have a bunch of independent antenna that can transmit the signal with a dynamic amount of delay. You get constructive interference between the multiple antenna, amplifying signal in certain directions and nulling it in others. Ruckus did not invent or… » 4/22/15 10:02pm Wednesday 10:02pm

What would be the purpose? You can only run on water, so aside from hopping up and down the coast, that leaves out all continental traffic. You’re ground effect, so you can only travel on calm water, leaving out rough seas. You better stay at port if there are storms anywhere in the area. These programs have… » 4/14/15 12:35pm 4/14/15 12:35pm